Welcome to the Delaware Youth Opportunities Initiative

Each year, approximately 100 youth age out of the foster care system in Delaware. The hardships they face often make their successful transition to an independent, productive life very difficult. Delaware Youth Opportunities Initiative (DYOI), a program of the Delaware Center for Justice, in cooperation with the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families, brings together the people, systems, and resources necessary to assist young people who leave the state’s foster care system and must make the difficult transition to managing life as an adult.

DYOI’S Five Core Strategies for Success

The five core strategies of DYOI, when working in concert, have the potential to dramatically improve the outcomes for youth transitioning from foster care. They focus on:

  • Engaging youth to become better decision-makers and self-advocates.
  • Forging alliances and building a network of resources through partnerships and collaboration.
  • Galvanizing public will and policy to effect reforms in practices and policies that will bring about more successful transitions.
  • Increasing opportunities for economic success.
  • Using data from research and evaluation to drive decision-making and shape communications.